Friday, 17 June 2011

Audrey meets Coco meets Elegancemaison

She visited my stand at Frock Me!
A glimpse at the vintage loveliness of my stand
1960s tennis dresses, hats, patterns, scarves
19th century pith helmet and vintage leather bags 
My large dress rail
Bags and baskets

Hats galore 
Above: 1980s Philip Somerville to the left and 1940s beauty to the right
Below: 1950s navy couture Chanel beret and Marten velvet and spotty net  
Oo-er Audrey Tautou is it you?
Lovely Basia who bought this hat is Audrey Tautou's double
And a dead ringer for a young Coco Chanel 
Basia looked absolutely terrific in every single one of my hats that she tried on. Including the couture Chanel beret style quilted hat that was made especially for the  owner by Coco Chanel herself in the 1950s. I wish I had taken photos of Basia ( pronounced 'Basha') in all the hats she tried as she was the perfect model especially with her hair rolled into a perfect low set late 1930s/early 1940s net snood.She loves vintage and is here dressed in a late 1930s/early1940s silk blouse and 1930s Riviera style sailor cut trousers. This very rare French straw hat is later 1940s with a built in snood for hair rolled slightly higher off the neck. I was so happy that she bought it as I know that it will be worn and enjoyed as intended. Her lovely partner adored her in it and indeed so did all who saw her.


  1. Basia & your stand both looked stylish and beautiful.
    T x

  2. I think my daughter and I must visit. She would die happily among your things.

  3. You stand looked wonderful! Basia looks stunning.

    Did you sell the robe in the first picture or the bed jacket? They are right up my street as are the red heart sandals. Please can you let me know the sizes and prices? xx

  4. Basia is gorgeous. You need to sign her up! She would look beautiful in everything you have.

    I love that green spotted dress? on your large dress rail. And that little brown leather school satchel. I have one which I bought from a Department Store (can't remember what it was called) near Sloane Square about 16 years ago ... I don't like to use it because I worry it'll get ruined. Kids don't take sweet bags to school anymore.

    I wish I could visit your stand one day! You have the most amazing things.

  5. Wow, your shop looks amazing, so many treasures! Don't you love it when something goes to a good home!

  6. Cecile, your stall looks lovely and the lady so chic in that hat, oh to be slim and tall!!
    have a lovely weekend, hope it doesn't rain too much!

  7. love the new header- from shoes to hats!

  8. I have that same raffia briefcase with the flowers!

  9. Tracey, thank you. You are the queen of stylish displays!

    Deb - you must visit soon!

    Christina - I have emailed you.

    MMMC - the store is still there! Peter Jones is the gate-keeper to the ever fashionable Kings Road in Chelsea.

    Lotus - I adore your creative necklaces. Everyone reading this must go there immediately!

    Jill - Basia was not tall but she was so slim and chic!

    Ms Bunny - my obsessions will out!

    Penny Dreadful - you have loads of super desirable vintage so I am addicted to your blog/website.

  10. What a fantastic array, EM! My great friend Jenny is currently in London from Sydney, staying there until mid-August. Is there anywhere she can see your wares in London? I would love her to find you- Sue


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