Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Last Frock Me!

Until September!
 Chelsea Town Hall Sunday 15 May 2011
(Note added Sunday evening - I meant 12 June!)

I have been washing, ironing, sewing loose buttons and tidying unravelling hems on vintage clothes. Then steaming, brushing and reviving lovely old hats, folding and packaging scarves, sticking and pinning price labels and getting ready for the 5.30am start tomorrow.

A tiny selection of new stock I'll be taking with me. 
1950s towelling made into a beach changing 'tent'
Love these pink sailing boats
Gorgeous silk 1950s cocktail dress with integral net underskirt
1930s/40s pleated dress
1930s purple velvet cap and 1950s navy velvet spotty hat
Handsome group of 1950s Macclesfield silk Gentlemen's handkerchiefs
These two even have hand-rolled hems like the best designer scarves
Then I relaxed with a much deserved tincture and my new book


  1. adore the Macclesfield silk hankies. I had a wonderful day at their silk museum and Paradise Mills a couple of years ago.

  2. I can't make it to Chelsea, but look up my step-daughter's eBay site:


    I run it for her..... P.S. I want a large, wide brimmed tweed hat...

  3. Have a great day, and you know that I would love the sailing boats, and ooooo to be small and dainty enough to fit into the cocktail dress! - "Michael make mine a Harvey Wallbanger, chin chin!"
    T X
    ps soooo glad the cricket has finished!!

  4. That books looks fascinating.

    The cocktail dress is an absolute stunner. I have my heart set on owning something like that one day.

  5. Hi my dear-wow, gorgeous goodies on offer, wishing you a really successful day xxx

  6. Love the silk cocktail dress and the spotty hat! Hope the fair went well for you.xx.

  7. I hope you had a brilliant day at the fair & sold it all! Lizzie x

  8. Amazing vintage goodness abounds! They just don't make things like they used too!

    Adore that green dress ... :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  9. fabriquefantastic - how amazing that you should have visited the Macclesfield silk Museum - and how sad that it is now a museum and not a thriving British industry. Oops we don't have those anymore.

    Tom - I'm keeping my eye on vogue-train - thanks for the tip!

    Tracey - to hell with the lost waist and "Cheers!"

    Alex - I hope to meet you at Frock Me! one time when you're visiting London. Just email me for tickets.

    MyStyle - I had a good day despite the torrential rain, but I'm just jealous of your birthday Laduree Macarons!

    Kitty - actually another hat stole the day - I will be blogging about it soon.

    Lizzie - Sold out of course! Hahaha.

    Cat at brideblu - welcome!

  10. I'm so behind on reading I missed this.

    Your book looks great! xx


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