Friday, 22 July 2011

Vintage - No Fear

I've been studying this
Mmmm true-ish but fear?
Better go shopping!
1930s long crepe scarf
1990s Kenneth Jay Lane necklace
1960s Manfield sparkly gold sling-backs
Look at those fab heels
Not just nylon: the fascinating history of synthetic fabrics and fibres
You could buy your nylons from the cigarette girl
Shocking but true - ( would you give up your Lycra?)
Swinging sixties synthetics
I am very proud to display this sign


  1. How thought provoking! Lovely pictures of a more genteel time.

  2. Great vintage goodies! love the scarf! xx

  3. sometimes I think of clothes as a bit of armour against the outside world, and in times of stress have always felt better for a dab of lippie but not quite certain in which context the word fear is used- fear of getting a run in your nylons perhaps!

  4. congrats on being in the VFG!

  5. I think clothing choices run a fine line between protecting us from ridicule and opening us up to it. Just depends how daring you're happy to be!

  6. Hi my dear-lovely pieces here and congrats on being a member of VFG!! xx


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