Monday, 26 September 2011

Adorable Kittens and Paisley Eiderdowns

Tom Kitten - Oh woodgy woo!

Miss Moppet I adore you!

Funny Bunnies

The very distressed set of early and possibly first editions from around 1916 or so
And a few more early editions

1950s strip story books
As a child I loved Mary Mouse and am now amazed to realise that Enid Blyton could command double the price of the Kitty Styles strip story books. One shilling ( 1/-) was very expensive in an era of two ounces of sweets for three pence (3d -  a quarter of a shilling) and when you could get four liquorice chews for a penny.

These pretty books were all recent finds at a rainy day car boot. I think I'm going to frame the cover of the Tom Kitten book for my darling little grandson of the same name. ( Tom not Kitten!) But the pages are so lovely as they are only illustrated on each double page, so have blanks between them and could easily be framed up for an adorable set of nursery pictures. Although from my researches these are probably very early if not first editions, they are so 'distressed' physically that they are coming apart from their binding and missing their badly attached spines but at least not defaced by small hands.

*And now for some vintage quilts*
A stitched quilt with older fabrics

Tied quilt with funky mid-century fabrics
1950s and '60s patterns

Each square is in fact a little pocket containing the filler

And here are the traditional Paisley eiderdowns
I have four of these of the same size, single bed toppers

These are also newly acquired stock and all these bed-covers could do with refilling to plump them up. They also make decorative displays just as they are, when rolled up on open shelves or as cosy sofa throws. Just the ticket for winter evenings curled up in front of a roaring fire. And so much nicer than those ubiquitous acrylic  blankets.

I shall be taking these winter warmers with me to The London Antique Textile Fair in Chelsea on Sunday 2nd October, though not sure they will fit on my very small stand. But if not then on to my more generous sized space at The Vintage Bazaar in the Cheese and Grain, Frome on Saturday 29th October where I shall also be taking the majority of the children's books.

Maybe see you at one of these events?


  1. I love the books, especially the Beatrix Potter books, lovely illustrations. You can never have too many eiderdowns and quilts, I adore the paisley eidy's. I promise I will come over and say hello at the Vintage Bazaar as I haven't seen you both since Vintage at the Village Hall.
    Jo xx

  2. You've reminded me - somewhere I've got some very loved BP books - I meant to frame some of the pics.

    Loving those eiderdowns too - they remind me of childhood holidays at my Grandparents house :)

  3. Those books are just beautiful.

    Little Tom would love a framed cover, I'm sure. I've not heard of Enid Blyton's Mary Mouse.

    I especially love your paisley quilts. They are so very continental.

    Hope your fair's fair.

  4. I had a Mary Mouse book as a child and it was about a girl who kept looking at her beautiful wavy hair in the mirror so they made her wear tight plaits as a punishment for being vain. I used to think it would happen to me if I looked in the mirror! And I've remembered it all these years!

  5. Usually I would be pulling a sad/horrified face at the prospect of framing pages or illustrations from books but if they're falling apart, I suppose there's nothing else to be done with them. If they're too fragile to read but not in good enough condition to keep then they may as well be used and enjoyed in another way.

  6. Hesta I look forward to seeing you again in Frome. So sad that Vintage at the Village Hall is not happening this winter. My stand at The Vintage Bazaar is the top right of the hall by the stage. Do come and say hello!

    VintageVicki - BTW I can hardly believe how long it is taking to mend your foot. You must have sustained a lot of damage. Poor you. BP she was/is a star - and still shining for new generations.

    MMMC - oo-er I wonder what you mean by calling the Paisley quilts/eiderdowns 'continental? They are quintessentially British. Paisley is a west coast Scottish town whose weavers copied the original Kasmir/Indian or Persian 'buteh' ( or teardrop) symbol in their fabric in the early 19th century. I wish I could send you one of these eiderdowns but the postage is hellish.

    OhSoVintage - Guess what! This very Mary Mouse book has the story of the vain doll's house daughter and her plaits! I don't know how I have missed following you until now, but have remedied it now.

  7. I collect old eiderdowns
    love em!
    there's something quite wonderful about the heaviness of them!!!

    take care

  8. Thanks Ms E-M, I did think the quilts were rather French. But I'm now glad to be educated as to their proper origin. Will drop 'Paisley' at every chance I get now.

  9. I do adore Beatrix Potter, and what a find they are.

  10. What lovelies! I've still got Mum's Beatrix Potter books from the 1940's, they're a bit tatty and I often toy with the idea of framing them as, like you point out, there's a blank page that separates each illustration.
    Those quilts are lovely, I love the mid-century patchwork, those psychedelic prints have my heart racing.x

  11. Beautiful vintage books. By coincidence I read the grandchildren an Enid Blyton book while we were baby-sitting on Saturday evening. I remember my own mother reading the same book to me as a small child. I'm so pleased that Enid is once again top of the popularity list with children. I also love the delightful vintage quilts featured in your post. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Mind you, it feels more like winter than spring right now, so maybe it's time to change my banner!

  12. Thank you for the mention.. not long now! eek.xx


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