Friday, 23 September 2011

The 'C' Word or Anachronistic Sightings in September

Spotted in our local M&S on 15 September

Waitrose 23 September

Hey - don't run away - I want a word with you!
( 22 September in a local shopping mall)

Gratuitous pic of cat snuggling down on my shoes and shopping bags 


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  2. Christmas in September it isn't worth thinking about! When we were in France we never saw anthing until the end of November, I so wish it was like that here, its just consumerism gone mad!

  3. You know me, I get really cranky about consumerism and merchants treating consumers like fools.

    How to rebel? How to rebel? What would you suggest? One person not shopping won't make any difference. There needs to be a groundswell of resentment and action.

    If I was in the wrong mood, I would have chased that Santa too, and demanded an explanation.

    Nice kitty.

  4. I've just deleted the tired old joke, but would add that they have put up the wires that the Christmas decorations hang from outside our window last week...

  5. now I have to confess I could eat mince pies ALL year round- yum!

    have you got your new car yet?

  6. Oh, the kitty is just precious! I have 5 adopted cats and have to constantly keep them out of my closet because they love to sleep on my shoes!
    I want to thank you so very much for your kind and heartfelt comment under my Rejection post.It was not a very easy post to write but I ma so glad that I did. Tahnk you million times over for being so kind. Your words have made so much sence to me it felt as if the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am wishing you wonderful Fall weekend. :-)

  7. I do love your kitty. Christmas in September just rots my socks. We first have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving over here but they all get mixed up together in the stores.

  8. Scary!! I'm not ready yet!! P.s. my diet also involved cutting out carbs, it made a HUGE difference.

  9. I saw advent calendars in store today. Who wants to buy an advent calendar in September?! Mince pies, maybe, cos they're delicious.

  10. Hi there!! I love the last picture, C for Cat is all about I can handle as we creep into Autumn!! Hope you're well and have a great week ahead xx

  11. I know! What's it all about?? Anyway, I love your last picture ... and will look at the rest in mid-December!

  12. I really think that 'Dave' should have a word with the major retailers about Christmas. Why not ban all mention of the bloody word until December 1st. To see some bloody idiot dressed as bloody Santa on September the bloody 22nd makes me want to buy a hoodie and chuck stones!

    As for mince pies; Lady Magnon makes ours from scratch.


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