Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The London Antique Textile Fair 2nd October 2011

A general view of my stand
The London Textile Society Antique Textile Fair at Chelsea Town Hall on 2nd October was a wonderful experience. The most astounding array of antique, vintage and intriguing modern textiles on display in a feast for the eyes. The textiles were sourced from all around the world, from ancient to modern of almost every ethnic variety. And stand-holders and visitors alike were so knowledgeable and interested that it was one of the most pleasurable fairs I have ever attended. 

These photos are all of my stand as sadly I had no tine to photograph other stands because I was so busy on my own.

Pretty Crinoline lady really wants that petit-point bag
Pink roses quilt and Christian Dior pink shoes
Colourful Central Asian robes 
Girls like pink lingerie
Printed textiles, French and English quilts
1930s rugs (Oo-er pink and grey)
1950s/60s fabrics ( bold non-pink colours)


  1. looks lovely, I bet you had a fine day.

  2. yes I agree- with all those lovelies I'm sure you had a fab day!

  3. Love the crinoline lady! Glad you had a lovely day....from Country Style Living


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