Thursday, 13 October 2011

Summer in Autumn in the Cathedral Close

13th October 20 degrees Celsius and still in flip flops 
I was standing over there in a sunlit corner
looking towards the Cathedral
And this open room
He looks comfortable
He's not so sure about being watched

Intrigued? If you want to know more click on this link to the Sean Henry Sculpture Exhibition outside and inside, Salisbury Cathedral. It runs until the 31st October so still time to catch it.

It was such a glorious day that I made a (slight) diversion to walk through the Close on my way to the shops.  Even though it has been quite warmish on and off for the last few days, I had taken to wearing socks or tights with boots. But today it really was much too warm for anything but bare feet in light shoes or sandals. We keep being warned by the forecasters that a cold snap is imminent, but in the South of England we're enjoying late, late summer while we may.

I really meant to do a post about Frock Me! on Sunday, but maybe tomorrow. If anyone would like tickets just email me and I will send a comp for you to print out.


  1. I miss visiting dear old Edward Heath in the close. Hello sailor!

  2. Is that you playing the harp?

    I like the odd art exhibition. Glad to see it's warm still. Even if for a few days.

  3. 'Tom' dear old Ted is long gone and they are now fighting over his house.

    MMMC - me playing the harp? Not for a few years yet - Lol!

  4. I can't beleive that approximately 80 miles away from me you had such lovely sunshine, because we are high up we were stuck in clouds and rain all day!! I do love The Close at Salisbury, my son when he was tiny on a School Trip gave all his lunch money to the restoration of the cathedral! We lived in a small village called Kilmington near Stourhead so Salisbury was our nearest city to visit.
    have a good weekend and hope the sun keeps shining and maybe I will get some too!


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