Tuesday, 4 October 2011

These Boots Were Made for Hissing...!

Snakes Alive!
My new boots were purchased from the charity stand at our local market this afternoon. The brand name is Renata - previously unknown to me but apparently a high quality Italian make. These boots are beautifully made of soft taupe leather with a printed python skin design and leather lining. I couldn't believe my eyes as the stall was quite depleted and getting ready to pack up when I spotted them lying there. I couldn't try them on quickly enough - they are exactly my size and so on trend for A/W11 - and cost me all of £5. They are probably unworn from the look of both the insides and the soles. Certainly never been walked outside of a carpeted floor.  I am now wondering what treasures had been hanging on those empty clothes rails earlier in the day. (" Get up earlier!" shouts Mr EM.)
Well-heeled and cuban style - just the job for me
Behold - A Goodie Bag from L'Occitane!
Clutching my new boots closely, I walked across the market square and passed lots of ladies holding L'Occitane carrier bags. As I turned the corner I spied a lovely old tradesman's bicycle, its wicker basket piled high with  bunches of lavender, parked outside a new shop whose hoardings had been taken down at last. L'Occitane was open for business! I was offered a glass of pink sparkling wine, chocolates, a stalk of lavender and the goodie bag displayed above. I had a quick look but had to rush to collect my new specs, but have promised myself a proper visit tomorrow as they are offering a 15% discount until Sunday to celebrate the opening.

BTW the designated charity stall in our weekly market changes each week, so a variety of mainly local charities which often don't have dedicated shops, all have a chance to raise money. I usually try to at least purchase a book or some other small item but occasionally I make great finds for myself or my vintage fashion stock. Today's charity, Dogs for the Disabled, deserves a mention, especially because I had never heard of it before and it pulled at my heartstrings - particularly for their work with children with autism.  It has been nominated for a NatWest CommunityForce Award ( no, I'd never heard of this either despite being a NatWest customer) which could win them £6,000 to help in its life-changing work. Do please give them your vote - they only have 36! I have also added it to my Facebook page. To be honest it's a bit of a fiddle because you have to register with NatWest CommunityForce first - but surely worth a little bit of effort to help this brilliant charity. As a mother and grandmother when I look through the photos and videos of my children and grandchildren I daily give thanks that they are all healthy and whole. 


  1. Awesome boots. Always love a charity stall, and how neat to have it change each week.

  2. We use L'Occitane soap - it's good. Good boots too. Not sure about anything NATWEST is involved with though.

  3. Hi my dear!! Oh wow, gorgeous boots they really were buy of the season, well done indeed xxx

  4. they are bitch slap boots for sure

  5. Mad bargain on the boots, woo hoo! I appreciate what you've said about autism, I'm pretty sure my daughter will be diagnosed with it when she has tests done next month. She's nearly 4 and I'm still waiting to have a conversation with her...you are indeed lucky.

  6. Fabulous boots, what a find!! I agee with you regarding Dogs for the Disabled, my son is blind and has had a Guide Dog now for over a year and I can honestly say it has turned his life around, and made such a difference, it gives him company and has given him such a boost in confidence as well as that he is beautiful!!the dog that is!!


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