Saturday, 12 November 2011

200th Post Giveaway from Ikea - and a bit of Bling

Ikea on wheels
This van visited our town a few days ago to promote the Southampton Ikea store. A young man and woman jumped out  carrying gifts which they distributed to passersby and inside the coffee shop I was sitting in. The young man handed out orange flowers to us, " ladies" while the young lady went across the street to offer chocolates to, " the men".  Mmmn. What sort of market research did Ikea do to come up with that scenario? Much as I lusted after the chocolates, I have to admit that the flower is quite pretty. Though what on earth should I do with one lone orange Michaelmas daisy? Perhaps a crafty blogger could find a use for it?
Rather beautiful faux dahlia (?)

I know that many of my creative followers can turn the most mundane objects and into the most amazing things. So would one of you like this flower? Or it could stay as is and add finishing touch to a modernist interior in a simple single stem vase. It's actually quite tactile and delightful to handle, constructed from a sort of plush fabric.  Oh dear I may have to keep it after all!
Prefer a bit of bling in a ring?

This a sweet, adjustable, cocktail ring that I bought from East a couple of years ago, but it's become the wallflower (!) of my costume ring collection as it never seems quite right for whatever outfit I'm wearing. It is a bronze coloured open band decorated with a handsome large striated faux stone on one finial and on the other, a bouquet of prettily sparkling faux precious stones: 'ruby', 'citrine' and 'diamonds'. So I will put them both together for my Giveaway to celebrate my 200th blog post.
Flower Power 

This Giveaway is open to all and any of my followers, new or longstanding, wherever in the world that you live. If you would like to enter the draw please leave a comment below. The closing date is 12noon GMT next Sunday 20th November. Good luck!


  1. An Ikea truck travelling around the neighbourhood! One can only dream. Happy 200th!

  2. Can I have the chocolate please?

  3. Hi my dear! 200th post, doesn't time fly?? Cute giveaways, good luck to everyone!! xx

  4. Congrats on your 200th post. Blimey that is a lot - I've not even reached 100 yet.

    Lovely giveaway, I'd love to be considered. xx

  5. What a beautiful ring. Congratulations on th milestone post.


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