Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas stockings and Debenham's Beauty Card

M&S comes up trumps for treats for tiny people
Ho Ho Ho - traditional fun for a faraway Christmas
Fair trade stocking fillers
A lovely treasure trove of a shop
The India Shop is a wonderful place stocked with entirely Fair Trade goods made by disadvantaged people in India. The array of charmingly hand-made Christmas decorations is so beautiful and really inexpensive.  The Christmas tree decoration in a variety of colours and themes are only £2.99 each and the red bauble with a gold leaping reindeer only £1.99. These, plus all the other items, are destined for Australia. The sparkly 'jewelled' butterfly notebook and pen will be gathered into the cotton printed pouch which only cost £1. Perfect for our granddaughter. This shop, far from charging for bags, puts all purchases into handmade recycled newspaper bags. The larger ones can easily be re-used again. Do have a look on their website if you live in the UK, but if one of their shops is in your town you will probably already know it well. Though all I bought was a small selection, I was offered a free bag - see the pink mesh one in the photo below.
Sugar mice for Granddaughter, 
'Handbag chocolate' for her mum
from our local Chocolate Shop
Gratuitous self-gifting with Debenham's Beauty Club
If you have a Debenham's department store near you or go on-line, I urge you to join their Beauty Club. It is free to join and offers terrific savings collecting points for purchases which are redeemed as multiples of £5 vouchers. The best time to buy is like now when they are having one of their, increasingly frequent, 10% off all areas promotions. They often increase the points giveaway at the same time. 

And talking of Giveaways - don't forget mine, here. It is quite modest but I shall add some extra items depending on whether the winner is mainly a crafter or a fashionista, I'll let the winner choose. As I am quite busy for the next few days I have decided to extend the deadline to midnight GMT on Friday 25th November. 

Tomorrow, Sunday 20th November I shall be exhibiting at Anita's Vintage Fashion Fair in Battersea, London. I shall try to remember to take photos to show you!


  1. What lovely stocking fillers. Thanks for the link to the India Shop. I'm off to have a look. xx

  2. good luck at the fair,DO take lots of pics (if you are not too busy)

  3. Good luck at the fair.

    That's a really good idea about Christmas shopping at The India Shop esp. the tip for Christmas decorations.

    You'd need to send those parcels soon, I'd suspect. Having said that, I've sent nothing this year to anyone.

  4. Some lovely bits there - the M&S advent calendar is rather lovely -makes a change from the brash TV inspired ones.

  5. Hope the fair went well.
    I like the sound of The India Shop, I'm definitely going to go and check that out. I always buy those jewelled pens, handbag mirrors and notebooks for friends when I'm in India. x

  6. Hope the fair goes well. Some lovely ideas here.


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