Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Potato Peeler (for MMMC) and Laura Ashley Bargains

Wiggly pointy peeler
Peeler in action on dead carrot from bottom of veg basket

My lovely Aussie Blog-Pal Make mine Mid-Century recently showed her favourite peeler but I just can't get on with that type, though a lot of people I know also swear by it. I just can't manage all that scraping in the wrong direction. I promised her that I would show a pic of my trusty peeler - useful for all sorts of veg and perfect for shaving Parmesan cheese. I prefer this one as it doesn't swivel, it just wiggles so it follows the contours of even the most knobbly veg. I also find it much more accurately manageable like a pencil rather than a brush if you see what I mean. I wonder what you find the best/easiest to use?

Right, chores done, let's look at fashion bargains! From the Laura Ashley sale rail...
Retro print jersey dress
Very flattering and just needs a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath plus tights and knee-length boots, to make a smart but cosy autumn/winter outfit. 
Fine needlecord long-sleeved dress with pockets!
Won't need the T-shirt with this, just tights and boots as before. Though fashionistas living in the frozen north ( or the south if we also get the forecast big freeze) could add a thermal vest underneath.

The main reason for posting about these dresses is that I bought them from the reduced rail but one dress had a massive reduction and the other only a modest one. Though grateful, I did query the calculations, but apparently it was correct. But hooray for Google. Later that evening I went to Laura Ashley website and found that the blue cord dress had indeed been reduced in line with the other one. So I duly trotted back to the store and queried the price again. I found that the cord dress was part of a new special offer that had only started effectively the day after I had shopped. So I went through an instant 'return' and re-purchase to collect a sizeable refund. Well worth being a sharp-eyed shopper these days. 
New Look coloured tights £2.99
Although I love black opaque tights for their slimming and flattering qualities as well as the warmth, coloured tights are very 'in' this season. And great fun too. The best range on the (my) High Street is definitely those from New Look. You could even go matchy matchy with a coloured T-shirt under a short sleeved dress or woolly tunic. Like I almost did here - if only you could see my legs!

Sunday Lunch at The Sun Inn, Barnes, South West London
Delicious fig, goat's cheese, pecan nuts and butternut squash in a Wensleydale cheese pastry tart. Topped with crispy cabbage ( like Chinese 'seaweed'), yum. If you look carefully to my right you can see England footballer Frank Lampard and his fiancee Christine Bleakley (UK fame only), who were sitting at the next table. Both looking much prettier in real life than on-screen. But I only had eyes for Number One son and his lovely girl-friend who were treating me. 

PS added Friday 18/11/11: For kind followers enquiring about mother, she is doing well though slowly and the problems are still manifest. Thankfully we are promised that she is now top of the list for a transfer back to the specialist unit in our home town, which will save the five hour round trip we currently have to make to visit her. But absolutely no complaints about the fantastic, and almost one to one care she is receiving from the dedicated medical team. xxx


  1. I'm totally with you on your choice of peeler...and kudos on your price savvy and persistence in getting the best price!

  2. I have the very same peeler! It's the only kind to use. My daughter gave me a newfangled one and I nearly lost my finger with it.

  3. Rebecca and Deb - hooray! I have also been skinned by that wide swivel peeler. Yet I have watched chefs on Masterchef use and praise it. No wonder their hands are covered in those health and safety blue band-aids.

  4. Thats a yummy looking dinner there! Hope your mum is faring better.xx.

  5. Love those dresses and your goat's cheese tart looks delicious. Can't see the famous couple but I'd be more interested in my lunch!

  6. Your peeler looks very nice. I can see pros and cons. I will be careful with my peeler.

    I do like your cord dress the best. That's the sort of thing I'd wear.

    Here's a story ... I bought a suit jacket which cost me $599. When I originally saw it, I thought it was cheaper, but I paid the price anyway and got it altered. When it came back from the seamstress, I realised the price tag actually said it cost $229. I went back to the store and queried the issue, and they said their pricer had been playing up and that I had paid the right price. I felt like pushing the issue and suggesting it was deceptive conduct etc under the Sale of Goods Act, but sometimes I feel like I'm fighting everyone every-step-of-the way. So I walked out and vowed never to shop there.

    Never. Even if they have a Moomin 70s jump suit, I'll never shop there. The End.

    PS How's your brother?


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