Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shop4Kids Australia - Shameless Granny Boast

Yes - that's our own Aussie granddaughter, Amelia!

Surf's Up! 
Photo-shoot on Palm Beach - the location for 'Home And Away'

(Copyright acknowledgement - these are the Target advertisement pages from the current issue of Shop4Kids magazine in Australia.)

Our dear sweet granddaughter has now taken part in a couple of fashion 'shoots' but her considered opinion is that it is 'boring' - sensible girl!

These pictures brought us such happiness and cheered us up while we keep watch over her great-grandmother whose health is still a cause for concern. Thank you all so much, yet again, for all the kind thoughts and comments on my last post. It is a trying time, but we have great hopes. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! and I hope great grandma makes good progress.

  2. Oh, she is so cute! I lover that little denim suit she's in! What a stunner!

    Prayers form you mother. I hope she's okay and improving. Squeeze her hand for me. xo

  3. What a little lovely she is, and so nice for you, must have really cheered you up, I hope your Mum will soon be her old self again.


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