Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Shiny Sparkly Nails

Maybelline Forever Strong PRO in "Oh So Close"

This is a brilliant platinum silver - and very strong. Two coats - no base or top coat. Lasted very well, though was beginning to peel a bit by the time I took this photo. I really love it.  Very easy to apply.

My current nail 'do' Nails by TopShop: "Ice Crush"

I love this effect - like light sparkling on diamonds. It compliments my ring as you can see. Actually I think this was only one coat. I've since used two coats and it's even better. It's not truly opaque like the Maybelline one above, though very pretty and so easy to apply. 

Has anyone else found that the more expensive "Designer" nail polishes are far inferior to these high street mass-market brands in ease of application and staying power? Not to mention hugely cheaper! I wonder why this is? The quality aspect I mean. Chanel and the like do have some wonderful colours but I've always found them to be more difficult to apply and have poor lasting power. OK for those ladies of leisure and means who can afford to have daily manicures. But those who have a slimmer purse and need good DIY application - then high street beats designer hands down as far as I'm concerned.

And here is a brilliant hint for those DIY nail applications. Actually I may have found it an another Blog. So if it was yours please feel free to claim it in the comments. 

Do your nails before bed at night! Two coats, 15 mins apart. Allow the second coat 15 mins to dry also. Be lavish. Don't worry about spilling over the edges onto the surrounding skin. No problem. And don't bother with nail varnish remover to tidy up. Go to bed. Sleep and have nice dreams. 

In the morning you will find that your natural skin oils will have loosened and lost most of the varnish that strayed from your nails. After you morning wash/shower the remainder will probably also have disappeared. But if any bits left just rub with a tissue. Honestly unless you are an aspiring Jackson Pollock - you won't need to use any nail varnish remover at all. Until you want to remove the polish from your nails, of course. 


  1. alas horses and gardening have given me navvy's hands- the best I can hope for is a demure cover-up (and gloves!!)

  2. Good advice! I only tend to wear nail varnish on my toes in summer but you never know!

  3. Hi! I'm just a boy so I don't know much about this nail varnish lark or anyfink but I do know that I find 'Ice Crush' to be much more elegant and attractive than the more traditional 'Oh So Close.'


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