Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Here is a little tutorial on tying your Hermes scarf like wot I have.

First get yourself a double Hendricks gin...

PS in a stage whisper...Blogger just let me upload this pic without fuss. I think it's because I found that I've had my camera image settings on 'poster'. I changed it to 'email' yesterday and perhaps that's been the problem all along as many of you have suggested. Thank you, and hope that Father Christmas brings you the gifts you wished for. xxxx


  1. Have a lovely Christmas you scarf tying diva!!!

  2. I hope your'e having a lovely Christmas break and that you got lots of lovely prezzies. Any more scarves by any chance? The one you're wearing here is very chic indeed...

  3. Hi Cecile
    I think mine started to work again since I set up my Wordpress account and threatened to move!
    Crazy, non?!
    Looking forward to Spring.......
    T x


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