Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Stuff Happens

Well of course it's not stuff it's sh*t.

This has been a bloody awful year and now it's ending with another blow.

On the way back from another depressive meeting this evening we passed our favourite local country hostelry in a village close to our city, and saw the landlady outside enjoying a ciggy. We immediately parked and went inside expecting it to be hoaching with revellers as it is so close to Christmastide. No, it was empty. WTF.

Bad times and bad tidings. Having suffered from the wet, wet, wet summer in their pretty garden, the following autumn and winter has not been kind for trade. But at least they're booked up for Christmas lunches.

As it is not a city centre pub Mr EM and I cannot just wander round otherwise we would be in every night.  But drink driving laws limit us visiting nearby villages which always seem to have much nicer pubs and friendlier patrons than the city pubs.

We moved from London some 12 years ago and I can honestly say that we feel much less a part of the community here than we did in the London suburb where we brought our children up all those years ago. Of course those children have now all fled to outer Mongolia  (aka Marina del Rey California and Bondi New South Wales, Australia).

We don't get "country". We are city people. Though we do like a beach. Or a mountain.

But most of\all we don't do sh*t.  Sh*t is what a certain type of lawyers do. In the UK they are known as solicitors. Solicitors do conveyancing. It's a relatively simple process. Actually it's just a process. Because of this most work is devolved to a lower legal entity known as a legal executive. But guess what - they're just as sh*t at it as solicitors of old.

The top legal level Barristers don't do conveyancing. Far below them apparently. Well that's a pity because I'm a Barrister ( non-practising) and this solicitor sh*t is SHIT.


  1. Don't say that.........my husband has just retired, he is a retired Conveyancer (she whispers) after 40 odd years!
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. If only I could have used him! Funnily enough using Conveyancers is the norm in Australia as my daughters tell me, and apparently so much easier than the UK tradition. Frowned upon here of course because of the entrenched legal mafia. Happy Christmas to you and Mr KC!

  2. well, glad you've got that off your chest.

    Its not really stuff, or s**t, its just life and it happens to be the price we pay for living.

    Having dealt with yet ANOTHER family death this year and winding up yet another loved-one's estate I'm inclined to share your opinion of some of the legal profession but not all.
    I've also realised that the anger from grief tends to come out around the time you're dealing with solicitors and its easier to direct it towards something tangible than just out into the ether, and that tangible object seems to be the solicitor!

    Chins up girl- soon be New year and time for lots of chammy!

    1. Oh Elaine you are so right of course, about the grief. But it still hurts. Re the lawyers, it's actually the other sides's solicitor that's the problem not ours but I now realise that I didn't make that clear in my rant above.

      Part of my anger is due to my squabbling siblings who are giving me so much grief. As eldest and key executor I'm having to be the acting diplomat even when they are breaking my heart anew. That is the real and continuing difficulty.

      I'm so sorry that you've had to face this same problem for a second time in one year. It's hellish.

      But looking forward to Christmas and New Year Champers!

  3. Sorry to read that you're feeling a little down at the moment. As to lawyers, I'd be empted to file them under 'Corrupt and Manipulative', along with politicians, insurance companies and independant car repair garages.

    Still, Christmas is nearly here but while you're waiting why not sabre a good bottle (two?) of champagne tonight for the sheer delicious hell of it!

    A ta santé.

  4. Happy Christmas dear Heart! x

  5. Oh I am so sorry Cecile....I know how heartbreaking and difficult it has been for you...
    As Elaine said "chin up"!
    T x


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