Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This is a Photo

Wingdings " This is a photo"

Because I can't do photos anymore. Thanks for all suggestions from my very kind followers (including some new ones - "Hello!"). But for now I'll just have to go with the flow as I'm struggling with some more important issues and can't be ar**ed with Blogger difficulties.

Like several others I follow, I'm considering migrating to WordPress. The only thing that stops me is the nuisance of having to follow via emails. Though I'm wondering if 'Bloglovin' cures that. Anyone know?

I really miss being able to share my photos here, though I've not been taking that many lately due   to being otherwise occupied with serious stuff. Oo-er, enuff of that madam!

A couple of hurdles to get over in the next few days and then hopefully a bit of peace for Christmas. 

I mean to start blogging afresh in the New Year with some lovely photos of a very happy event that I attended in California in November. Time out in a difficult year for me.

Thank you also to those sweet followers who told me about your Christmas plans. How selfish and egotistical of me to forget that many others are used to spending Christmas with just one or two family and/or friends by circumstances or even by choice.  We did in fact consider if we knew of an "orphan" who might like to join us and invited one of my sisters who has recently come back into my life and who's been very supportive of me. It looked as if she would unexpectedly be alone but she's made other arrangements which are easier for her due to the distances involved.

And by the way I'm still happily reading all your blogs but I don't always feel up to leaving a comment these days so please forgive. 

On a jollier note - I can recommend a couple of vintage fairs this weekend. I shall be away, but they are both well worth a visit if you are able to get to them.

The The Vintage Bazaar at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, Somerset on Saturday 15 December - a wonderful fair organised by Liz ( The Washerwoman) and Clare (Daisy Darling). 

The other is a Vintage fair at the Vintage Quarter in Wilton Shopping Village, Wilton Wiltshire. This is taking place over two days - Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December.

Lots of lovely vintage Christmas wonder at both of these.


  1. I hope you get the photo thing resolved soon. You have been missed.

  2. I suspect blogger is just messing around again! I'm waiting my turn to get cross.

    Wish I could get to the Vintage Fair at Wilton, now I wonder.........if our son would like a surprise visit.........?
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Good Lord, I was nearly blinded by the fluo red title! :)

    Apart from that, why would people leave Blogger for Wordpress prithee? I've read people elsewhere who say that they may move and scrolling through 'next blog' often throws up last entries like 'I've moved to Wordpress and here's the new blog URL....' But nobody I read said why they were doing it..

    Hope you're keeping well.


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