Friday, 7 March 2014

Puggy Dashy Dog Love

 Dolly pug loves to kiss and hug
 She also loves her squeaky lizard toy
Roly the dachshund is middle-aged
so after a quick kiss (missed by the camera)
prefers to watch the auction.

Canine cuddles today with friend's dogs at a local café in the morning and later at an antiques auction.
Q to dog owners - why do they try to put their tongues down your throat when kissing? The dogs I mean! Mr EM and I have never owned dogs but we can't remember our cats ever trying that. They licked our toes ( salt?) but never tried to be intimate with us.

Maybe it's my magnetic personality...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coming Soon -Vintage at the Village Hall

A Date for your Diaries!
I am gathering my stock of vintage treasures for this wonderful fair on Monday 24th March in Blandford Forum, Dorset.
It is organised by the delightfully indefatigable Elaine from tedandbunny, purveyor of vintage delights at many other fairs as well as on ebay.  
Here is a quick sneaky peep at some of the vintage and decorative items I shall be showing on my stand on the stage in the historic Blandford Corn Exchange building.

c1900 French quilt and chocolate trade cards
Pre -WWII French mattress ticking, 1940s rayon dress fabric
Vintage kitchenalia
Boot blacking (and browning) box, set of aluminium pastry cutters
A Froth of Vintage Fashion
Here a naughty 1960s Baby Doll nightie with a very glamorous 1980s puff ball dress that could grace any celebrity red carpet in 2014 and be sure to attract the paparazzi.
But these both give just a tiny taster of the glorious array of true vintage fashion from 1910 to the 1980s, including a stunning 1920s beaded silk and lace wedding dress.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

My New Saturday Job

At M&S
I wonder where yours is? If not M&S, maybe Waitrose or Tesco or Sainsbury's.
Yes, I'm talking about self-service tills.
Today from my metal shopping basket I tried to scan a box of reduced price blueberries. It didn't compute. So a notice came on screen: " Enter the code". The sales assistant in charge was otherwise engaged with two (!) other customers having problems. So I went ahead and carefully ( very carefully as I need to get new glasses) entered the minute trillion figure barcode number. Success.
Then the screen suddenly asked, " Using Own Bag?" even though I'd already tapped that info onto the screen earlier. It then refused to accept my affirmative taps despite repeating again and again as if  I was suffering from OCD. Once the assistant had cleared that problem I continued. The packet of sliced baked ham (for our sarnies at the Flea market tomorrow) was accepted but then came the bottle of wine. The screen bleeped happily, so I got my money ready. But then the screen flashed up "Approval needed". OMG - am I really over 18 or 21 or whatever is old enough to purchase alcohol from M&S? Only just of course. Although the youthful assistant didn't even attempt to request age ID ( my bus pass?) and just punched in some code. WTF. Insult added to injury.
I then chose " pay by cash" and fed a £20 note into the appropriate aperture and waited for my change. But the screen flashed again " pay by cash or card " and while I looked up in surprise a passing assistant scooped up my bank note off the floor beside me, straightened out a crumpled corner and re-inserted it into the aperture.
Now I actually often use these self-service tills with very little problem, but today I felt that I M&S was taking the mickey. In my Saturday job at Woolworths when I was a schoolgirl back in 19filthylie I didn't work half so hard. When on the grocery section which was self-service, customers chose stuff and brought it to me at the till. I looked at each price tag and pressed it onto the huge keys of the wonderful old-fashioned register. They paid and we had a chat and they went off happily. I was 16 they were almost all quite elderly. We didn't sell alcohol. You had to go to an off-licence" for that. 
Anyway the Teignmouth, Devon mussels bought from the fish van in the market (after a two week absence due to the West Coast storms) and steamed in Muscadet sur lie tonight for supper were delicious.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Frock Me it's Springtime!

Springtime in my sitting room

My laptop is crashing on a daily basis so I need to get it mended. I can only occasionally upload photos and have a lot of trouble keeping it together on my email and other social sites. So this is by way of an apology to those followers and readers who may have been puzzled by my apparent lack of interest or response.
I would like to publicise the Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall this Sunday, 16th February where I have a stand. If you message me very quickly by Saturday morning latest, I will email you a complimentary ticket for you to print out or download to your smart-phone.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What we do in the South West in Wiinter

Fresh shrimps caught and boiled on Wednesday morning off Chesil Beach (part of the Jurassic Coast in south west England).
Purchased in the farmers' market and enjoyed the same evening with a glass of white wine by Mr EM and me.
Then on Thursday, I cleared out my shoe closet ( aka dusty pile of cobwebbed shoes and boots). Only 25 pairs there. Haven't started on those in the bedroom yet. Got out the black plastic bags and sent a few very worn ( most beloved) to the trash. Then several loved, sadly rarely worn though still  fashionable shoes in very good condition but with admittedly difficult heels for me were delivered to a charity shop.  
The remainder including running shoes, simple white sandshoes, some heels and other favourites including long and short leather boots are now stowed in my "shoe store" a large white wicker lidded box from John Lewis. Well all except for my current winter boots by Lands End bought in their sale last Spring at a bargain price. I wear them almost everyday as they are so warm and comfortable. And not counting my sheepskin slippers from Shetland. So cosy.
In more boring news I was attacked by a small pug in a local independent café that I frequent. Apparently that shows that I don't like dogs according to the owner.  I think it is more that dogs don't like me as it is not the first time. Though a lovely Dalmatian with a beautiful velvet coat that I stroked last week seemed to like me.
What I don't understand is the fierce, almost aggressive attitude of many dog owners towards others who are indifferent to or even slightly uncomfortable with the proximity of their pets. I never encounter that in mothers and their children. Even quite obnoxious children. Weird.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ending of a 20th Century Generation - your mother or grandmother

Gaol is too good for  them

I'm not thinking of violent crime but of deceit and fraud perpetrated on elderly and helpless victims.

Today I was moved to tears to read in the papers of an appalling deceit carried out on a 92year old friend of my mother. Sadly the friend passed away in 2012 - two months before my mother. Both suffering from dementia. 

While my mother was closely supported by her children who all live close by, her friend was alone having only a son who lived in Australia and ( from what  can gather) a somewhat estranged sister-in-law in the UK , both of whom clearly rarely visited her.  Mother's friend lived in another town some distance away. As mother had not having received the regular Christmas cards or any correspondence/ phone calls for some time, and fearful of her own great age, she had assumed that her friend had died. 

But sadly mother's friend  had developed dementia and been taken care of by a local councillor who had befriended her in her widowhood and then proceeded to defraud her of all her savings and even her pension at the last. At her death she was penniless and reduced to a "pauper's" funeral paid for by the council.  When in fact she should have had £150,000 assets to leave to her son. 

She was an army officer's wife, he with a DSO awarded in WWII. They were a lovely, fun and lively hardworking couple who had retired to run a country pub in the 1960s. I met them frequently in my teens and much later with my mother for a visit while both were still bright and fully compos mentis elderly ladies. 

Please, please look out for your elderly relatives. And be kind to your children. It will be you next, you know.